Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Saraswati is one of my favourite painting which i did along with one i completed based on poet Kusumagraj's novel "Janhavi" , the central character in impressionist form. since i had my self visited the spots described in the novel in ranges of sahyadri, i could very well imagine the background. i presented the painting to Kusumagraj which he liked very much. he wanted to knew whether i had done it in water colour , when i told him that it was oil on canvas he was surprised as there was lot of transparency in use of colours.

on same trip to nasik from mulund , i transported "Saraswati" painting and kept it at my place in Igatpuri where it remained for many years.
I got it back when i held my first solo show at artists centre and some how it remained there not knowing how. One day i had gone to visit Madhusudan, himself a painter and a musician who plays sitar , i saw sanjay, boy working in the centre readjusting some paintings and located my own painting. Even after locating it, it took me almost three months to bring it back to my makeshift studio in Mulund. I was very happy to get the painting back .


Unknown said...

the painting is really excellent. it carries you in the suble and peaceful world of the river depicted in the painting. it is an spritual experience altogether.

Prakash Bal Joshi said...

Thanks Anil . This is first painting in long series on the theme