Tuesday, February 12, 2008

blank canvas

what do i think of my art my work in words,images,drawings,paintings ? it is a difficult question.
i donot know the answer but as i recollect vividly, ever since i began showing my work to friends
one question i faced often was how do i paint. what do i think and how do i get stimulation from brain to my hand to finally to my brush,is it spontaneous or premeditated work, skill or intuition.or is it a mix of both
what is it that drive me paint .
why do i use perticular colour so often while i paint.
what is it that drive me mad and pushes me towards blank canvas . how do i feel.
when i paint , am i creating my own world or am i just replicating what i see srrounding me
these are very difficult questions and at one stage or other i am sure every body who
is involved in creative activity must have faced similar questions. and how difficult it must be for everybody to answer these questions which directly try to study creative process

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